Ready, Set, Go…

It was a mistake to go to bed early. I first woke up at 2something, and drifted off to sleep briefly before waking up at 4something.

I decided to go for a run with Bluebell and we ploughed the empty fairways in an aimless fashion. Bluebell chased a lot of rabbits and I found running very hard.

We’ll be away for over 4 weeks, so I thought I would have some raspberries from our garden. There is something simultaneously both dry and moist about them that I enjoy.

We are already packed to go: 3 bags of stuff which will fit undetected in the boot of the car. I saw Lorna sneak in a few extra tops last night, but – unless she sneaks in an extra bag – we are travelling relatively light. I’ve put the first destination in the sat nav. We are leaving at 7.30ish and will be in Continental Europe (or as we Brits call it Europe) later in the morning.

No doubt, Tilly will write a blog later. See what she’s saying at

5 responses to this post.

  1. We are all anxious to know where you are headed…


  2. Posted by Marilyn Bishop on July 22, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    I think that they are going to Paris-South of France-Italy-the Adriatic and back up through Germany; but I could be wrong!


  3. I just love getting ready for a big trip!!


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