Day 2 – Paris

The girls woke up late and then there was a replacement bus on the metro line we wanted to take (local cultural difference – Sundays in the UK). This meant that we didn’t arrive to the Eiffel Tower until 10am. There was a very long line and we spent the time learning lots of facts about the Eiffel Tower. Apparently, there are 2.5 million rivets in the structure, a fact we were able to confirm by counting them ourselves during our 2 hour wait (..twice). We also learnt that the French sabotaged the lift (elevator) mechanisms as the Germans invaded Paris. They told the Germans that parts were unobtainable, and the lifts did not work until 1 hour after liberation in 1944 when they miraculously found the spare parts. Views nevertheless were magnificent.

We then took a Bateau Mouche up and down the Seine. It was beautiful sunny day and we also took a walk down the Paris Plages (artificial beaches created for a month in summer). We walked through cite and the Louvre. I visited Paris 30 times before I really enjoyed it. The time to see Paris is in the warmth of summer. The light is perfect then; one’s own mood is great; and most importantly the Parisians are happy with their life.

Finally, we went to a film called Paris Story. Stultifyingly boring for children (Nancy slept through the whole thing). Nobody could accuse The Parisians of dumbing down (which I applaud them for) but nor could you have accuse them of being modest about their contribution to world culture. I was the only one of the four of us to enjoy it.

We came home to our apartment and watched the film Charade. Lots of scenes set in various parts of Paris. Well put together film that Tilly enjoyed. Our apartment is in the 7th arrondisement, and I was able to source all of our meal from a variety of specialist shops within a 60 second walk from the apartment. Fantastic area to live in and great apartment.


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  1. Posted by Nuno on July 24, 2010 at 12:41 pm

    Always thought July/August was great in Paris because Parisians… Actually leave town


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