Day 8 – An old joke

There’s an old joke that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. We’ve brought inappropriate clothing.

When I looked at the seasonal averages for Southern Bavaria, it talked of temperatures in mid-20s or mid-70s (whatever gauge you prefer*). As we are travelling light, I therefore recommended only one pair of long trousers and one light jumper. Yesterday, Tilly got bike oil over her one pair of long trousers, and hence it was at 7.45am this morning that we started to cycle to Neuschwanstein castle in light rain and in cold temperatures…in shorts. After a few hundred yards (slightly fewer metres), the rain turned to heavy rain and we raced home. The trip to the castles was then postponed until tomorrow, whatever the weather.

Otherwise, in better weather, we went for a cycle ride. Tilly had a very loud puncture as we cycled around the lake. We exchanged her bike for a slightly cooler model. Tilly also had a horse riding lesson (in German). It appears that there are only 3 paces in German riding (walk, trot and gallop); in the Anglo-Saxon world, we have cantering between trot and gallop. She enjoyed it and booked another lesson tomorrow. We went swimming in the complex’s state of the art pool – an interesting experience as you swam from indoors through the automatic doors into the pouring rain.

* in the UK, people of a certain age use centigrade for low temperatures and Fahrenheit for high temperatures

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