Day 11 – Sat Nav Susie

There are many good things about being in Croatia: the sun, its rural nature and its value for money to name three. Soaring above all of these however is the fact that here my haircut looks fairly modern and well coiffured.

We have no Internet in the house we have rented – lovely pool and garden, 4 bedrooms, total silence. I started the day therefore with a 8km run in the sunshine to a nearby village where a helpful cafe gives away their network freely.

One of the themes of the place we are renting is that it has a lot of artefacts decorating each corner, shelf and cranny. The children are particularly taken with the manual typewriter. They are eager to understand how it works and want to experiment. On the positive side, we can now explain why qwerty was created. Of course, it’s all downhill from here. In the future, we’ll have to explain the cd, the fixed line phone, already explained the fax (which tilly & nancy thought was cute), the record store etc.

Sat Nav Susie has worked well on our travels so far, but I think they may have skimped a bit on the istria section. She keeps telling us that it doesn’t recognize where we are, advising us to consult our map. I don’t mean to be unkind, but that’s why we bought the international sat Nav (so we wouldn’t need to buy a map). It was therefore something of a miracle when we found the riding stables. Tilly and I reserved a full day of riding for wednesday, culminating in swimming in the sea with the horses. I haven’t ridden for a while (actually when the typewriter was in its prime), so I thought I would take a one hour ride in the bush. Tilly galloped in the advanced group while I relearned to steer the thing.

We knew that Sat Nav Susie would have a problem with her pronounciation in Croatia. We converted to the kilometre option and while she pronounces kilometre correctly, she says metre as “met her”. The place names with all their js, zs and vs are really giving her a hard time.

Spent a couple of hours in the pool, teaching Nancy how to dive. Beautiful sunny day.

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