Day 12 – Rovinj

Another perfect day of weather. 30 degrees and not a single cloud in the sky. I took my usual run to the village with the internet access and bought bread for breakfast. We are in a rural area and by the time I got to the village (6.30am) the local cafes were heaving.

We then consolidated Nancy’s diving lessons (see photo).

We decided to drive to the coast for lunch. The town of Rovinj (Rovigno) is a Venetian hill-top town with a harbour and set of beaches. We bought a magnet for the fridge, and then headed off for the beach.

The beaches in Istria are all pebble beaches, and the salinity is very high owing to the fact that it’s a secluded sea with little contact with oceans, no rivers depositing fresh water and high temperatures year round evaporate high proportion of water. We went to a beach with a kind of Croatian Butlins attached to it. Lorna was in heaven counting the number of tatooed boys and girls. Tilly and Nancy enjoyed the water slides.

Got lost, as usual, on the way back home. Sat Nav Susie knows this part of the world about as well as David Cameron knows the back streets of Karachi.

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