Day 16 – Motovun

Yesterday, I decided to shave off two weeks of facial hair. As appealing as it was to return to the UK with a full beard, I find the feeling irritating after a short while. That “Jimmy Hill” thing bearded fellows do in scratching the bottom of their chin does not appeal to me. I did the usual trick of shaving off everything except a Mexican moustache. Lorna hates moustaches more than tattoos (not certain what her view on tattooed moustached men is….). Anyway, I finally shaved off the moustache when Lorna said that I looked like a mid-ranking police officer.

We had storms last night and there was thunder pretty much all day today. Remarkably, in the middle part of the island where our villa is, we were bathed in sunshine all day. We could hear thunder continuously as the coast on both sides was saturated.

In the late afternoon we visited Motovun, a hill-top town with glorious views all around. Had a very good meal in a restaurant with the best views I’ve ever seen.

Lorna and I watched a English film on (Croatian) TV after the children had gone to bed, Irena Palm. I had missed this film when it came out, and can easily understand from the unusual subject matter why it wouldn’t get full national distribution. When the credits came on the screen at the end, I was astonished to see that Marianne Faithful played the lead part. She was excellent and – while the narrative could have been tighter from time to time – I would highly recommend that you seek this one out. Tilly and I also watched Frantic, which I had hired to watch when we were in Paris. I seem to recall that Harrison Ford had suggested that the film be renamed “mildly energetic” (which is about right!)

We are off to a new destination tomorrow. I’m looking forward to a new country.


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  1. Posted by Sarah on August 7, 2010 at 9:00 am

    Albania here you come


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