Day 17 – Process improvements

We took a 4.5 hour drive that took us 7.5 hours today. The rest of the time we spent in queues along the way (toll booths, customs in Croatia, customs in Hungary, vignette purchasing line). It may be my Accenture background, but I’d like to suggest some easy process improvements that could be made – if your aim was to make something convenient for users. I appreciate that your government needs to raise income (because you’ve overspent in the past), and I’m willing to spend more money to queue les. I’ll concentrate only on the vignette system, where drivers buy a disk that enables them to use dual carriageways.

1. At a border crossings (where you might expect a lot of business), you might employ more than one person. You could even install a machine….
2. You might think about having some instructions up on a wall so that people knew what they had to do and what documents they will need
3. Well done on having instructions on the desk itself. Most people in Europe can get by in more than one language; that language is seldom Hungarian. Experiment with another language in your instructions
4. It might be helpful that this one person you have employed speaks a language other than Hungarian
5. If cars are queueing to get off the motorway for half a mile, and there are long lines of people queuing at the petrol station for vignettes (none of them wanting petrol), you may have process problem
6. I daresay some people might want to spend less time travelling on your toll roads than the minimum 4 days vignette

All free feedback.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Marilyn Bishop on August 8, 2010 at 7:25 pm

    Hi Julian

    Let’s look at nearer home. We went to Chartwell today (Sunday) and the car park was full; the overflow car park was full and the extra overflow car park was fiulling nicely. We queued only to find that there was an unsignposted entrance for members just about the time that the desk was in view.
    The speed slowed by the fact that many decided to join at the cash desk with all the documentation that needed. Oh! and the cutlery trays were empty.


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