Day 18 – Lake Balaton

The southern side of Lake Balaton is very shallow. Tilly, Nancy and I waded out for 600metres or so into the middle. Because of this shallowness, the lake is pretty warm in the summer. Nancy bought an inflatable boat, and the girls played happily in this in between horse rides. There are hundreds of beaches and we’ll no doubt experiment with many of them over the next few days.

I talked yesterday about an old fashionness in Hungary. We saw this in Siofok on day 18, where the games on one of the shores included English-fête-like games: including a merry-go-round made from whicker baskets …for babies; throw the rope on a steer and throw horse shoes on a steel rod; and pull yourself on a barrel game. We also had a picture taken of the girls in traditional costume. This old-fashionness did mean that we had a great deal of difficulty looking for WiFi access, finding it only last thing yesterday evening.

Tilly and Willam, the rented horse, seemed to get on well together. Tilly (or Nancy) get to ride him for a couple of hours every day. Incidentally, there was something of a spat between Tilly and Nancy over a postcard that Tilly had written. Tilly had penned “My horse” and Nancy had crossed it out to say “our horse”. Nancy refuses to ride the horse (and indeed hasn’t ridden a horse for over a year). She does do her share of the horse chores, but in a somewhat subordinate role to Tilly. Tilly is fairly egalitarian with her sister in most things, but there is something about horses that brings out the worst in people. With the exception of her current horse riding teacher, there is a strong dictatorial streak to most equestrian teachers; indeed, I have heard it said that Hitler, Stalin and Mrs Thatcher took lessons from riding instructors to iron out any traits of participative management style in their demeanour. So it is with Tilly on Nancy when it comes to horse chores.

As I write this blog in bed in the early morning, I can smell the overpowering aroma of horse in the adjoining stable. I can also hear the horse munching on its oats. Time to wake the children for their chores.

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  1. Posted by Sarah on August 9, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    How is Lorna’s leg?


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