Day 20 – The Lake

We spent most of today in a very warm lake under a completely blue sky. We had hired a pedalo with a slide and, for most of the day, were half a mile or so off shore. As I explained a couple of days ago, the lake is very shallow on the south side so that even little Nancy could stand in the middle of the lake. Although the lake is the largest in central Europe and hence a very popular tourist resort, the people are not solely confined to the waters’ edge. There appear to be no motorized boats at all, and fun is of a more traditional nature: throwing balls to each other; sunbathing on platforms in the middle of the lake; lying down on lilos and inflatable toys; sailing; and wading. I’ll take my camera tomorrow to show a picture.

Otherwise, Tilly did her two hours of riding and the girls took care of Willam. (It’s particularly irritating that you have to give him water every 2 hours and that you must wait until 1 hour after a ride to water him). Nancy has given up saying that she may ride next time. She’s now saying that she may ride in the next destination. I think the truth is that Nancy is scared of horses.

We went to an excellent restaurant this evening, the Mala Gardens near Siofok. Food was superb and view over the lake. We played the iPad game, Truth or Dare. This had Nancy snorting like a pig when the waiter came and Lorna barking like a dog when there was a loud noise.

Yesterday evening, Lorna and I watched the latest Sherlock Holmes film. I thought this was surprisingly good. I liked very much the choice of Robert Downey Junior as Holmes and appreciated that Watson was a character with whom Holmes would have associated. The writers did an excellent job, and I think it’s the best directorial effort for a while from Guy Ritchie.

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