Day 21 – Tanks for the memory

Our time on Lake Balaton is coming to an end. We’ve had a good time here. The lake is really warm and it hasn’t, for the most part, been over-commercialised. We would come again, but would definitely change where we stayed. It was perfect for Tilly (who had a horse for the week) and this is a good enough reason to stay where we did. However, I tend to agree with one of Lorna’s maxims: “always holiday somewhere at least as luxurious as your own home”. This place wasn’t anywhere near that benchmark. I predict a scathing review on TripAdvisor from Lorna.

I checked the weather forecast for our next destination and much of southern Europe has poor weather from Friday. For a while, I toyed with the idea of staying on Lake Balaton (where the outlook remains good), but I couldn’t find some really nice accommodation on the lake. Also, we do need to start the journey home.

So what did we do today?

1. We went to the beach and boated/waded in the lake. It was really very hot. See picture below
2. Tilly did two hours of riding (and the rest of us did 2 hours of watching/reading/playing video games)
3. Tilly said goodbye to Willam, her horse
4. Lorna ate a huge fish for lunch
5. We ate at a German restaurant for dinner (not so good)
6. We went to a very interesting (for me) tank and other military vehicles museum. Almost all of them were ex-Russian vehicles, but most of them still worked. Many of them were used to thwart the 1956 Hungarian Uprising. I turned down the opportunity to drive a tank (€100 too much for me) but did get to ride in a tank. See pictures below
7. Lorna and I watched “Up in the air”. It has been rated highly by many, but I personally think there’s little of substance. I doubt I’ll recall it in 3 months time (my personal barometer for a film).

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