Day 25 – counting willies

Nancy had a novel way of enjoying the Uffizi museum today. Perhaps portending things to come, she counted number of willies on the statues in the Uffizi. Apparently there are 56, and fig leafs don’t count. The rest of us enjoyed the building, the paintings and the statues.

We all said that we enjoyed admiring the view from the rooftop pool. I think the truth is that we liked the sun and the pool, and – from time to time – we remembered we were in Florence. We had three good meals and a trip to Ben and Jerry’s (when in Rome…). Incidentally, does anyone else lament the replacement of the chunks of chocolate with the more synthetic looking banana-shaped chocolate?

I had the second shave of the holiday today, taking off everything except the customary moustache. The children quickly shamed me into losing this, accusing me of having a squirrel under my nose.

We watched Green Zone this evening; me the whole thing and Lorna about half. Quite a good film, though slightly spoiled by Lorna’s unique brand of surround sound in the second half. Although filmed in Morocco, it gives you an indication of what early days in Iraq might have been like; it makes you think; and is exciting at times. Paul Greengrass’s body of work is most impressive:
Obviously, his Bourne films are great;
United 93 was one of my favourite films of recent years; and
I loved his first major film Resurrected.

Compared to all of these, it’s on the poorer side; but compared to the average film, it’s an Oscar winner.

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  1. Posted by Sarah Maguire on August 15, 2010 at 11:49 pm

    The ways in to art appreciation are indeed multifarious.


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