Day 28 – St Bernard dogs

We visited a St Bernard dog centre today. They had a 20 or so dogs of various ages. There’s something loveable about their faces, slobbering and about the perception that they save humans in avalanches. In fact, St Bernards are no longer used for rescue. The original breed was largely taken out by very cold weather conditions in the 19th century. The breed was then recreated by crossing with some other type of dog (French not good enough to pick this up). This created a long haired St Bernard that could not function effectively in the snow because their hair freezes. The type of dog this centre specializes in is the short haired variety (see picture). My parents and occasional dog sitters will be pleased that we resisted the lure of purchasing a puppy (€1,300).

Spurred on by this, we downloaded the film Beethoven. Its reputation has been diminished by the numerous sequels, but the original does have a certain charm. The girls laughed a lot and Lorna cried, both of which pleased me*. Tilly got annoyed that a vet would do something so cruel. I think I heard a story that the US Veterinary Trade Association wrote a letter to the Motion Pictures Trade Association to complain about the portrayal of their profession in the film. If true, it’s good to learn that Tilly is not alone in her futility reaction.

We also went to an alpine game park. Lots of summer luge and various other mountain activity. I like the luge, but struggle with the ski lifts (hate heights).

This is our penultimate night. We have two more days and two more long drives ahead of us. I could go on for longer.

*One of the continuing mysteries of life to me is what Lorna can cry at.

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