Day 29 – Time

I haven’t seen my watch or used an alarm clock for 4 weeks.  The kids have been late to bed most nights and we have woken when we wanted to wake up.  In my case, my strong body clock has meant this is between 6.30 and 7.00 am every day without fail.  This morning – when we wanted to be away before 7am – I woke first at 7.46.

The reason I wanted to be away early is that we were heading to Disneyland Paris and we could get into the park when we had driven the 600km.

The second reason a watch would have been useful is to time the length of the queues at Disney.  As we arrived mid-afternoon, the two parks were heaving.  We went first to Disney Studios and experienced the following highlights:
– Cars and Stunts (they are impressive drivers)
– Tower of Terror (there was a 7 year old girl behind us who was screaming throughout in abject and uncontrolled terror.  I don’t believe they will get her in hotel lift for years to come)
– Rock and Roll Rollercoaster (I have a picture of the four of us from the coaster that I’ll scan and post when I get home.  For those of you who cant wait, the look on Lorna’s face is identical to that on the post of Day 6).

We then went to the (very crowded) Disneyland Park. We stayed until 11, and were all extremely tired.  Highlights were:
– “It’s a small world” (as always)
– “Star Tours”
– The Michael Jackson 3D thing

Dinner was extremely unpleasant.  Most restaurants were closed (for dinner) and lines were consequently really long.

I think this will be our last trip to Disney.  I’m not sure it represents good value – certainly not compared to Europa Park.

We have most of the day tomorrow at the Parks before going home. This is last night of the road trip (though we are travelling to Devon next week).  

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