Day 30 – Disney and coming home

There’s only one good way of doing any Disney park:
1. Get in very early at the beginning of magic morning (we were first at the gates)
2. Do all the big rides first
3. Then do the shows

We did this on day 2 of Disney, and consequently had a great time. Longest queue was 30 minutes, but most were 5 minutes and – by 2pm – we’d done all we wanted to do. Such a contrast to previous day where we had been worn down by having to queue for everything.

I think this will be our last trip to Disney. Tilly now only wants to do the coasters, and Disney doesn’t excel at these. The quaintness and extraordinary detail of something like “Its a small small world” has low appeal to a 10 year old. Take your children to Disney when they are young. Some say that they will not remember it; the point is though that you will, and it’s a wonderful thing to observe a child responding to the imagination of Disney.

We got home late on Friday. It was great to sleep in our own beds (no bugs). I’ll do a piece at some point in the future on reflections on a long journey.

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