Day 1 – Devon Rain

The rain hit us as soon as we entered Devon. At the peak of the holiday season in the most popular UK summer holiday destination, it’s cold and extremely wet. There are lots of disincentives these days not to be a politician, but chief amongst them in my mind is that – if you ever do get the top job – you’ll be accused of disloyalty if you don’t spend your holidays in the UK (in overpriced accommodation) in miserable weather like this.

We are in Devon to visit our families, all of whom live here. We dropped Bluebell for a short holiday of her own at Lorna’s father’s. We were soaked in the very short run from the gate to the front door. Bluebell was pleased to get out of the car and promptly relieved herself on their lawn.

We then took a very short drive to my parents for lunch and to leave our luggage. For dinner, we went to Lorna’s Mum’s flat. I’ve heard from everyone about the magnificent views she has over Torbay. The reason we were going at that time was to view the Red Arrows who were due to fly overhead at 6pm. Unfortunately, the visibility from the rain and fog was so poor that we could barely see to the end of the garden. The Red Arrows may have flown overhead (heck, they may have landed in the garden), but we couldn’t see them. Incidentally, if you are looking for investment ideas, I would say you won’t lose your shirt by investing in wet weather entertainment in the west country.

On the way to Torquay, we spotted a sign to the hotel that was the “inspiration for Fawlty Towers”. I wouldn’t have thought this would be a big selling point for the Gleneagles Best Western. Reviewers on TripAdvisor are very divided on the hotel, with a more or less equal number saying it was terrific as terrible.

Finally, I’m pleased to announce that this web is now being sponsored. I hope that Devon Tourist Board are happy with this arrangement.

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