Day 2 – amusement

Thinking that I was to get the best of the weather that day, I started the day by running in the idyllic, green Devon hills in a relentless drizzle under dark grey skies. Running on Devon’s lanes seems a somewhat risky business; one car driving far too fast along the narrow hedged lanes built for a different time had to screech to a halt to avoid hitting me. The smell of burnt rubber is a most unpleasant smell.

We met Lorna’s dad to visit Pennywell Farm ( a part indoor attraction that gets good business. It was very well put together, and Tilly surprised us by enjoying attractions designed for a slightly younger age bracket. She’s probably in the last flush of innocence, before only the scariest rollercoasters will satiate her.

In the evening, we met Lorna’s brother and partner. Tilly and Nancy love amusement arcades. We went to one of the most traditional on Teignmouth Pier. Tilly lost her money easily and kept coming back for more; Nancy kept winning, and will take this money to Friday night when she hits the Torquay amusements with Lorna’s mother. We had fish and chips on the seafront. Nancy – who will eat nothing that is liquidy in any way – cannot understand how someone would prefer mushy peas (to honest whole peas). We played a version of the sausage sandwich game. The original game from Danny Baker is that you have to guess whether minor celebrities eat red, brown or no sauce with their sausage sandwich. Tilly had never seen brown sauce before and, now that she has sampled it, is a very clear red sauce fan. Nancy of course is a no sauce at all person (because it’s liquidy).

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  1. Posted by Sarah Maguire on August 28, 2010 at 6:50 pm

    Nancy has good taste in peas.


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