Day 3 – Cornwall

Today’s first family visit was to my 90-year-old grandmother who was born and raised in Plymouth. She is a feisty lady who was a bus conductor in Plymouth during the second world war. The Luftwaffe targeted Plymouth and its dockyards very heavily throughout the war. She regaled the children with stories about the Plymouth blitz. She talked about seeing Plymouth on fire night after night; about the temporary evacuation of much of the city to nearby Dartmoor when heavy bombing was expected and about the bombing of her parents’ house. The children could see the power of incendiary bombs from Charles Church, the burnt out church that was left as a shell as a monument to all those who were killed by the bombing raids (see picture below). My grandmother enjoyed her time on the buses much more than her time at the munitions factory.

We took her on a trip to the next county of Cornwall. We were recommended by two separate people to go to Cawsands. My grandmother told me that I had spent my first holiday at Cawsands, about 10 miles as the crow flies via the Torpoint Ferry from Plymouth. It’s difficult to imagine that too many people today would go only 10 miles away for their holidays. We typically choose destinations many thousands of miles away. Cawsands was quaint, a collection of tiny houses crowded around a small beach and plethora of rock pools. There were two small hotels, one shop and a couple of eating establishments. No modern entertainment at all, very similar probably to how it was 40 something years ago.

We then returned to my grandmother’s house to teach her (again) how to use the iPad that I bought her for her recent milestone birthday. I would write something rude about her technology understanding, but there is just an outside chance that she might have learnt something and will be reading this blog.

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