Day 4 – Sandcastle competition and crabbing

For many years, we have come to Devon during the Shaldon Regatta week (last week of August). There is a lot of beach and boat entertainment: rowing and sailing competitions (open to all); the excellent King Canute competition; beach running events; and the sandcastle competition.

This year’s sandcastle event attracted well over 100 competitors. Tilly, a former medal winner in one of the categories, was joined this time by her sister. They had this green-inspired idea of a turtle entangled with rubbish. Competition was really fierce this year however. Worthy of particular mention were the motorcycle, the Sagrada Familial sandcastle, the Inca Pyramid and the merlion. Tilly and Nancy will have to do better next year.

In the afternoon, we went to another estuary village, Stoke Gabriel, to do some crabbing (see picture below). The idea here is to lower a hook or netting with bacon down into the water and collect as many crabs as you can. The people next to us collected 99 and threw then back. We then caught some of the very same crabs. I’m deeply suspicious that these crabs may have very high cholesterol levels. It’s obviously a fairly futile exercise, but it passed time in a very pleasant environment easily.

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Location:Newton Abbot,United Kingdom

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