film review – Salt

With bags of cheap popcorn secreted about our persons, the four of us slipped into the theatre to see Salt this afternoon. I’ve been doing my best to educate my daughters so that they don’t just request RomComs when they date (much) later in life. We’ve watched lots of Bond, all the Bournes and 2 different varieties of Italian Job (remake is very different and not as bad as you might guess incidentally).

Salt deserves better reviews than it has attracted so far. Originally written as a vehicle for Tom Cruise, they changed the gender for the eponymous CIA agent and Angelina carries this action movie. There’s a lot to like. It keeps a tight fast pace throughout; there’s bags of tension; plot development is far from obvious; and it’s only 100 minutes long. I must have watched a thousand car chases, but this film managed to produce an original chase section.

My only qualm was the unsubtle way in which they set up the sequel. Don’t film makers realise that a film should have an original ending too? One of my friends in the film world talks about franchises as if they are the Holy Grail. I’m sure they are for the money men, but they seem to be the enemy of creativity and non-cliched film making.

This is no Citizen Kane, but it will hit the spot if you like the Bourne trilogy. 8 out of 10.

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