Pet update

After over a year on her own, Goldie the Goldfish has a companion (Silver). I suspect that she has been lonely for she didn’t leave Silver’s side for two days.

Bluebell, our Golden Retriever dog, has always been terrified of hot air balloons. The other evening, one of those double-rotored military helicopters flew low – maybe 20 metres – above our rooftop. The speed of the helicopter meant that it was overhead without warning, startling me like that scene from Jaws where the skeleton falls into view of the scuba diver. The noise was deafening. Bluebell however was totally unphased; she merely looked up in an unconcerned way and then moments later returned to her log chewing. However, if she sees a hot air ballon two miles away on the horizon, she will flee into the house retreating to an inner room upstairs where she will quiver and whine for the rest of the afternoon. The mere mention of the word “ballon” will cause her to run away – incidentally a very entertaining game to play. It’s an odd phobia and I don’t understand what could cause it (the noise of the gas? The shape of the balloon? The sight of a whicker basket in mid-air?)

The chickens are still intact. They have now learnt to put themselves to bed. No eggs yet.

Broccoli, the cat, must be feeling a bit left out at the moment. She is leaving a succession of intestines on the stairs. Tilly trod in some the other day in barefeet and made a literal “song and dance” about it.


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  1. Posted by Marilyn Bishop on September 12, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    I had a similar experience of entrails being left on the stairs. I learnt to keep the door closed to deny her access to the stairs. Broccolli obviously has a phobia about stairs because she never left any more intestines around the house.


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