Pet update

No sooner do we get a companion to Goldie (The Goldfish) than we find Goldie floating at the top of the tank. We brought the new fish, Silver, in for questioning but she just claimed that she had no memory of the incident. Lorna is spouting the conspiracy theory that Silver brought into the tank some virus that Goldie couldn’t cope with. My more pragmatic take is that she had a reasonable innings of four years or so. Nancy didn’t like my idea that Lorna should see her off by sautéing her in some butter, so we buried her in the food waste recycling. I guess we’ll have to make a further trip to the pet shop for a new companion at the weekend.

We have our first egg, a tiny Bantam-sized greeny-blue one from the Skyline. All the other chickens were inspecting it with interest in the hatching area. Baloony (for that is the name that Tilly has designated to her) was squawking with pride to tell the others that it was hers.

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