Film review – Take the money and run

“Random” is Tilly’s latest (overused) word. It’s used to describe something that is different from normal structures. It’s not pejorative, but more typically a statement describing something that is new to her. Above all however, it is very much an apt description of Woody Allen’s debut as a director that we all watched at the weekend.

“Take the money and run” is a mock documentary of an incompetent bank robber (played by Woody Allen). I saw it when I was about 15 and remember clearly laughing too loudly at many of the sketches. This type of humour was new to me and some of the scenes were indelibly carved into my memory. For example, the scene where he plays the cello in a marching band and another when his escape from jail is thwarted when a gun he has carved from soap froths in the rain.

The film generated quite a few laughs from our family. However, the structure of the film is poor. Allegedly, the first Director’s cut of the film was unwatchable, and Ralph Rosenblum was brought in as editor to bring greater structure into a series of sketches. They continued to work together until Annie Hall, a genuine masterpiece.


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