New fish

We adopted 2 new fish last weekend. After the tragic but separate demises of Goldie and Silver (click links for details), some readers may find it concerning that we should be allowed any further contact with fish. Fortunately for us, the UK government have not yet got around to regulating fish ownership and, in particular, there is no Fish Offenders List* to add us to.

We learned that a family were emigrating to Ireland and that they couldn’t take their fish with them. Maybe Ireland has already reached its EU fish quota? In any case, I’m not certain how attached the family was to these fish; surprisingly, both were unnamed.

We cleaned the tank until it gleamed like Richard Hammond‘s teeth. Each stone was individually cleaned and rinsed, and the water had its chlorine removed by some magic potion.

As you can see from the picture, both of these fish are much more attractive than Goldie and Silver. Googly (the boggle-eyed black one) and Basher (the big one that keeps bashing into the side) appear happy in their new surroundings. They explore, forget and then explore some more.

I never intended to write so much about fish on this blog. Let’s hope this is the last posting, rather than the last post on this subject.

*those on this list might be known as fish batterers

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