Royal Wedding

Following the announcement of Prince William’s wedding date (and the public holiday on the Friday to celebrate it), I have speedily shot into action. We’ve booked a long weekend to the Mediterranean. Never mind the fact that we would have only returned from a 2 week holiday the previous weekend, I’d go a long way to miss this sorry affair.

I’m one of the few people I know who boycotted the Charles and Diana wedding in 1981. I recall being the only person in Newton Abbot Town centre that day. I don’t think it’s affected me a fig that I missed seeing how wonderful Diana looked in her dress or seeing the King of Tonga. It’s not as if you could possibly avoid the reruns over the ensuing years.

I don’t incidentally have anything against the individuals in our royal family. Charles seems like a great guy; he’s made a great contribution to youth in Britain (via the Prince’s Trust) and I like hippies who talk to plants. The Queen, Princess Anne etc all seem to work very hard. When he’s not murdering icons in mysterious vehicular tunnel accidents, Prince Philip has a wonderful sense of humour and has consistently entertained the nation with his view of the world. Prince Harry seems to be heading the same way. It’s only a shame that Prince William is so responsible. Imagine the outrage William would have created had he done what we did and get married in a Chapel in Las Vegas. A missed opportunity for a really good joke on the nation.

I believe royalty is a thoroughly bad thing for Britain; it’s a vestige of a hierarchical society that we would be well rid of. I don’t believe any of this guff about royalty being a boon to our tourist industry or next year’s wedding being something which ensures the UK stays out of recession. I bet the analysis doesn’t stack up. When you start to hear those in favour of the royal family argue that the UK needs a Head of State and that the alternative would be some washed up politician, you know the case for royalty is really floundering. It always is when someone argues for something because an alternative is much worse. I wouldn’t like a President Prescott any more than any other sane individual, but at least it would demonstrate a meritocracy in place; a country where anybody could be Head of State. Who knows, people may surprise us and elect individuals for this role with real quality. You will be very pleased to hear that there are still travel bargains to be had for this 4 day weekend (the following Monday is also a public holiday in the UK).

I urge you all to seek them out and secure one of them before it’s too late.

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