Europe Trip – This Time By Train

Buoyed on by last year’s 3,700 mile and 30 day trip across Europe, we’ve decided to travel across Europe in August again.

This time we will have some different rules:

1. We will go predominantly by train. We’ve looked into inter railing, but the cost of the ticket itself plus supplements and reservations vs discounts you get from booking trains in advance don’t make it a good financial deal. We will miss the flexibility of true inter railing, but – with my penchant for marble bathrooms and the need for us to have 4 in an apartment or room – it makes sense to book accommodation ahead of time

2. It won’t be a mystery trip

3. Instead of me booking it in one evening, I have installed a suggestion box in the kitchen. You can put any idea in the box: place to go; activity to enjoy; or journey to take. We’ll then it down as a family and decide what we want to do

4. Maximum of 4 days in each place

We are open to any idea. If you’ve really loved somewhere in Europe, let us know. We’ll add it to our suggestion box

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