Preparation for summer road trip

Inspired by the winds of change in the Arab World (and frankly in fear of being strung up), it was decided that this year’s proposed European road trip would be a more democratic experience than last year’s. As last year’s was entirely planned by me (in one evening) and a complete surprise to all other participants on a day by day basis, it will not be difficult to make the process more democratic. There is undoubtedly a parallel for some Arab leaders here somewhere.

A suggestion box constructed from an old Quality Street container has adorned our kitchen for the last month. We’ve encouraged each member of our family to submit ideas of what they want to do and where they want to go. We opened this box last weekend.

The themes were not of great surprise. Someone had stuffed the box (Northern Irish ballot box-style) with 30 suggestions for horse riding. Others included cycling (on flat ground), whitewater rafting and mountain hiking.

There were 37 separate places identified. These ranged from Tromso in the North to Istanbul in the South, and Reykjavik in the West to the Carpathian Mountains and Odessa in the East. There were 25 suggestions for Cherno Morets, a little-known beach resort in Bulgaria. The younger of our children is nothing if not knowledgeable on lesser known Eastern European destinations. Perhaps surprisingly, the most popular country was Germany, while – Eurovision song contest-like – Spain and Portugal received no votes. To nobody’s surprise, Belgium also received null points. That’s what happens when you can’t elect a government. I strongly suggest that the politicians in Belgium partition into two separate countries. Tourism will increase overnight as collectors of countries flock to these two new countries. Nancy Bishop is keen to spell her name from countries she has visited. The O is attainable but not planned (Oman) while the Y looks unlikely in the medium term (Yemen). I’m sure Nancy will help Belgium name their new countries; they only have to ask.

We will now need to figure out how we incorporate ideas from each traveller and how we get from place to place (initial thinking that this is a train holiday). We probably don’t need to go to all 4 Swiss destinations, and I suspect I’ll be outvoted on Auschwitz (again).


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  1. Hi this is Dad! What’s this innovation of democracy. Here in Brunei benevolent dictatorship seems to work OK and last year was a success. It is a pity that there is not a European Bradshaw to help with the planning.


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