Sims 3

You learn a lot about your children from watching them play Sims3 on the Wii.

This is a clever game about relationships; you create a character and a place to live, and then the player decides how they live their lives. There’s a lot of breadth to the game (home, family, work, leisure, nutrition etc). It teaches children about a range of different choices that adults make. I think, in general terms, it encourages good behaviours (though bad ones are available).

Tilly tries to do the right thing. She is nice to others, works hard, and attends to everyone’s needs.

Nancy’s method of play is to see what happens if you do something odd. She will kick over bins in neighbour’s yards; go into a stranger’s house and make herself a sandwich; flirt with 90 year olds (of the same gender); and changes jobs on a daily basis. Her ambition is to raise sufficient money to open a nudist camp. I’m looking forward to this, though expect heavy pixelation (you get this when someone showers).

Some things surprise the children. Nancy is astonished that pregnant and breastfeeding women get paid even when they don’t work. Tilly doesn’t select going steady as an option because she wants the relationship to develop fast.

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  1. Posted by Julian Bishop on March 18, 2011 at 9:00 am

    UPDATE. Nancy’s child taken away by Social Services


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