New home for the week

20110417-000937.jpgYou know when you are in a strange country and you accidentally wander in to a supermarket with a different customer target group than the one you are destined for? This happened to me today in Cape Coral/Pine Island, our home for the next week.

At home, I would avoid both the costly supermarkets with their wide aisles and the people who help you put your purchases in bags (Waitrose) and those that sell no-brand products straight from boxes (Aldi and Lidl). I resolutely favour those in the middle. You are not going to get ripped off, but neither do you need a degree in german to understand what you are eating.

However, when you are in unfamiliar surroundings, you have to take the plunge. Today I plunged into Sweetbay. I know there are more dollars than pounds, but $4 for a bag of crisps/chips is a stupid way to spend your money. This is especially so when you know they will all be eaten by Mrs B.

We enjoyed our time on Little Gasparilla Island. Two dolphins followed us back most of the way to the mainland, their noses almost touching the side of the boat. After a week of solitude, we were somewhat disoriented when we came off the island. A short drive away and suddenly there are lots of people everywhere, in cars, at strip malls, everywhere. I even saw one American walking. I could see Lorna was not happy as we headed for a crowded area of the Gulf coast.

The attractions of this latest rental are twofold:- private swimming pool and a boat.

Swimming pool – The water is warm (80something degrees) and there are plenty of pool toys with which to soak the children. It overlooks one of the main canal thoroughfares of Cape Coral and I love observing all of the passing traffic (until I realise that everyone has a bigger boat than me).

24 foot boat – unfortunately we can’t use it until Captain Jack teaches us how to use it tomorrow at 9am. Come on, how difficult can it be? We’ve hired loads of boats before, we know what we are doing….but you might want to look out for forthcoming blogs entitled Titanic.

We enjoy taking to the waterways, pretending to find beaches that nobody has ever seen before and navigating treacherous waters complete with operatic sirens. With Nancy’s new found fishing expertise, we are hoping to bring in shark-sized fish.

We will have our first day out tomorrow. Lorna has poured over the charts, but this in no way will ensure that she knows whether to turn left or right tomorrow morning.


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