Japanese toilets and Ninjas

Our apartment in Hong Kong has a Japanese toilet. Three of us enjoy the experience a lot.

I first used a Japanese Toilet in 2000 when I first came to Tokyo. I was impressed that another culture had invented an entirely different experience that I assumed was fairly standard all over the developed world. Actually, French toilets of the 1970s were an an entirely different experience (but in the wrong direction).

The reason any of this is relevant is that we are back in Tokyo and staying in exactly the same hotel as I stayed in 12 years ago. The New Otani’s toilet is the basic (Japanese) model, with both spray and bidet functions which appear from the body of the toilet when you have done your business. I have to say I was a little disappointed.

The model we have in Hong Kong is the advanced kind. No only do they have spray and bidet functions, but also variable water temperature, post washing drier, and a variable temperature heated seat.

Tilly used one at Narita airport where they had an even better feature of “faux flushing noise”. If you were embarrassed about the sounds you were about to make, you would press the button and there would be the sound (but not the action) of water flushing. You see, innovation can occur everywhere.

Lorna took us to a Ninja restaurant this evening. Though a slightly contrived experience, a Ninja takes you on a journey through cave-like corridors to your individual dining cave. The (Japanese) food was good and expensive. The highlights were the sushi, the chocolate fondants and the magic show demonstration by magic Ninja.


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  1. Posted by Monty Cleworth on April 27, 2012 at 11:41 pm

    Julian–We need to travel together again. I’m headed to Ethiopia and Rwanda in June with my nephew…want him to get a taste of something other than Hawaii. These will be countries #103 and #104…hope I live long enough to bag all 193 but I think it is unlikely. Monty Cleworth, Denver, CO, USA


    • Hi Monty

      Great to hear from you. I don’t count countries, but when I last trotted up I was on about 90 or so (but from a total of 230something….must be using a different list).

      It would be great to travel together again.


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