Hong Kong Football

Hong Kong, ranked 161 in the world, outplayed 158th-ranked Singapore this evening in an international friendly at Hong Kong Stadium. Hong Kong dominated central midfield and their defence looked much stronger than it had last time we watched them.


Godfred Karikari made his full international debut after 6 months of the local newspapers here reporting his eligibility challenges. Despite coming to Hong Kong from Ghana when he was 4 years old, it took the Ghanian football authorities six months to confirm that he had not played senior level (over 19 year old) football for Ghana. He looked good again this evening, but probably not good enough to get into a Ghana senior side at only 4 years old.

The stadium was the fullest we had seen it (7,000 maybe out of 40,000 capacity). The crowd was noisy throughout. In a typical Hong Kong fashion, the ushers had given everyone air filled batons which made a sound like two pieces of metal hitting each other. The most original chant was “We are Hong Kong” (in that it was in English).


It was Nancy’s first time at football in Hong Kong. She expressed astonishment at how good the stadium was and opined that this must be the largest piece of flat grass in Hong Kong (she isn’t right: nearby Happy Valley Race Course is bigger). She then spent the rest of the match impressing us with her subtraction skills. She really is expert at subtracting any number from 90.

The match ended 1-0 after a scrappy goal from my man of the match, Lam Ka-Wei. Hong Kong deserved more and Singapore were flattered by their 0.

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  1. Posted by Melville Bishop on June 1, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    Lovely pic – highlights diod not make Match of the Day but am glad that you all enjoyed yourselves.


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