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Much too short

For reasons that are too geeky to go into, I have had my haircut outside the UK for 10 years. This has led to some pretty good haircuts and some disastrous ones.

One of the perils of these undertakings is that I often don’t share a language with the hairdresser and that this can lead to confusion. I could have sworn that I had asked this particular coiffeuse in Spanish for a short back, sides and two fingers off the top. Unfortunately, my hairdresser understood what I was saying as “I’m joining the marines tomorrow so I want it really short”

In the past when I had a short haircut, I looked younger. Now I look like an old guy with a bad haircut.

I know it will grow, but I now have 2-3 weeks of looking like an idiot. Lorna has suggested that I wear a baseball cap and dark glasses, but I fear this would only lead to me sharing hotel rooms with work colleagues*.

*readers outside the UK may want to google William Hague gay allegations