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Oscar predictions 2014

As you probably know, we like going to movies. We’ve seen pretty much everything this year except The Wolf of Wall Street. I just couldn’t summon up the enthusiasm for a three hour film about unpleasant people. Three hours is just too long for a film. Let’s pray that it doesn’t win “Best Editing”, because they obviously didn’t bother. As one critic said “I lost interest in the movie during the third scene of bankers snorting cocaine from a hooker’s arse”. I’m sure Martin Scorsese doesn’t mind; this film has earned more money than every other movie he has made.

Anyway, I’ve take a few minutes to write down my predictions for the 8 top awards. This is obviously a pretty foolish thing to do, as by Sunday night I will likely be proved very wrong.

Best Film
There were a very good batch of movies in the last year, the best for many years. This will probably mean that the awards will be shared by multiple films, rather than one film taking 13 awards.

The best movie last year was undoubtedly 12 Years A Slave. Despite my wife’s protestations, the most original mainstream movie was Her. Both pictures are near perfect. Captain Phillips was good (and Tom Hanks should have been nominated for Best Actor). Philomena, Nebraska, Dallas Buyers Club and Gravity were also very strong. The subject matter of 12 Years A Slave is what usually win Oscars though and it is genuinely the best film.

Best Director
The Best Director nominations are always strange. You would think that the director of the Best Film would always win Best Director, but it is rarely the case (sometimes they don’t even get nominated – Argo). I suspect that artist-turned-director Steve McQueen will be unlucky and that Alfonso Cuaron will win for Gravity. The hardship stories of how long it took Cuaron to be able to make this film will influence the judges. But it should be Steve McQueen.

Best Actor
My favourite actor currently is Matthew McConnaughey. He should have won last year for Mud, a vastly underrated film. In Dallas Buyers Club, he did what Best Actors do to win an Oscar; he suffered for his art, losing a huge amount of weight to be believable as an AIDS-inflicted bigot turned pharmacy saviour in Dallas Buyers Club.

Best Actress
Most Oscars are won by movies released in December, but the nailed on certainty for Best Actress is Cate Blanchett for Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine (released in the Summer). She chewed the furniture and then some.

Best Supporting Actor
This should be won by first time actor, Barkhad Abdi, for his terrifying performance in Captain Phillips. The supporting categories are often close though and Michael Fassbender for 12 Years A Slave and Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club also have fine chances. I think it should be Abdi, but I suspect Leto might win it.

Best Supporting Actress
My bet is Lupita Nyongo for 12 Years A Slave, but it might be current darling, Jennifer Lawrence, for the inexorable American Hustle or even Sally Hawkins for Blue Jamine.

Best Original Screenplay
I would really like it to be Her, an original idea that keeps innovating.

Best adapted Screenplay
Again, the Best Picture should win best screenplay so I’m pitching for 12 Years A Slave

I’m sure people will score my predictions come Monday morning. Happy to take others’ thoughts in the comments though.